Hello, it’s me 🙂 My name is Nora, 25 years old and I’m totally obsessed with everything about fashion and travel and a lot of other stuff. I have a B.A. in PR and Communication management and I’m living since two years in my German dream city Munich to work in the fashion industry.

If I’am not busy with shopping, trying to save money, being the most dopey human being ever or going to so many places as possible (in the same time) with the positive crazy people I know, then I am writing and telling you about my best looks, amazing trips, dearest fears and some stories of my life. I will always try to inspire you somehow 🙂 and would love to get inspirations of you! Soo, I’m completely honored if you follow me around through my little world between Fashion, Travels, Stories and News&Places.

And if maybe someone is wondering, the blog is really called in YOUR little world, because there is a German song which is called like that and it always kind of inspires me. And in the end we got all something within us what this world and all the other people around us need.

Last thing: I will try to keep blogging in english because it helps me to keep my good english and maybe others to read 🙂 but some of my texts will still be in German because some stuff I can better explain like that..

.. and there is a bit more to read about me and my thoughts about this blog, here.

IN DEINER KLEINEN WELT – Philipp Dittberner